First Stop Learning Center understands that the environment plays a critical role in your child's development. Therefore, our space encourages a child to be true to themselves and explore through age-appropriate spaces.

Infant Room

Our infant space is designed for your little one to meet his/her milestone with safety taking the forefront. 

We focus on the areas of learning in the areas of:

- Physical and movement development 

- language

- literacy and communications 

- cognitive 

- mathematics

- scientific thinking

- social systems 

- approaches to learning 

- the arts 

- social and emotional development 



At First Stop Learning Center preschool starts at age 2-5. We focus on ensuring that students are developing within the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress put in place by the Minnesota Department of Education. 

We do focus heavily on social/emotional development for all children. However, for children at age 2, this is heavily focused upon; a child developed in the area of social/ emotional is able to grow confidently in all areas with awareness and the ability to communicate their needs. 

Students ages 3-5 are building on their academic skills aligned to Minnesota requirements within their individual needs. As we strive for parents and children to be confident in their skills the first day of Kindergarten we remain in constant communication of progress.


7:00   -     8:00                 Breakfast 

8:00   -   10:00                Morning Enrichment 

10:00 -   10:30               AM Snack 

10:00 -   11:30               Outdoor Play

11:30 -     1:00                Lunch

1:00   -      3:00                Nap

3:00   -      4:00               Learn thru Play 

Enrichment Activities include reading, math, science, art, geography, and free play.